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Your best source for high-quality tours of temples and the outdoors in Cambodia.

About Us

Different travelers have different preferences, thus we provide a variety of tours, from intimate individual tours to exciting group outings.

At MyCambodiaTours, we believe that traveling should be a magnific experience, and we’re committed to providing our guests with the highest level of service and comfort. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, we’re confident that you’ll have an unforgettable experience with MyCambodiaTours. So come and join us, and let us show you the best of Cambodia.


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Whether you're an enthusiast traveler or this is your first time in Cambodia, we guarantee you'll have a fabulous experience on one of our tours.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, which is evident in every aspect of our tours. From the carefully curated itineraries to the comfortable transportation, we strive to make every aspect of your tour as enjoyable as possible.


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Our team of experienced tour guides are passionate about their country and eager to share their knowledge and insights with our guests. They are dedicated to ensuring that each tour is not only informative but also enjoyable. We believe that learning should be fun and that's why we always try to make our tours interactive and entertaining.

Traveling to Cambodia can be overwhelming, with a wealth of temples, natural wonders, and cultural experiences to choose from. Many travelers struggle to plan a trip that balances time, budget, and the must-see destinations.

This can lead to rushed and unsatisfying experiences, with long lines and crowded tourist hotspots detracting from the beauty of the country. It can also be challenging to navigate the logistics of travel, with concerns about safety, transportation, and access to local knowledge.

My Cambodia Tours helps solve these problems by putting together tours of Cambodia’s most famous temples and natural sights. Our team of knowledgeable guides provides a seamless travel experience, handling the logistics and taking care of all the details. With a range of tour options, from private to shared, we cater to all travelers, whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple, or a group.

By choosing My Cambodia Tours, you can experience the best of Cambodia with confidence, with no stress or worries. Our tours are designed to maximize your time and budget, with a focus on the most memorable and inspiring destinations. Whether you’re looking to explore the beauty of Angkor Wat, visit the intricately carved Banteay Srei, or immerse yourself in the local culture, we have you covered. With us, you’ll enjoy a worry-free and unforgettable journey filled with moments to treasure for a lifetime.


  1. “Private Temple Tours”: Our tours are private, meaning you’ll escape the crowds and have a more intimate experience.

  2. “Local Connection”: Our alliance partners only with locals, ensuring every penny of your tour goes back to the local community.

  3. “Authentic Experience”: With our local partners, you’ll experience a more authentic and unique perspective of Cambodia.

  4. “Supporting Communities”: Your tour fees go directly towards supporting the education and livelihoods of local guides and drivers.

  5. “Customizable Itineraries”: Create a truly personalized tour with our flexible and customizable itineraries.

  6. “Off-the-Beaten-Path”: Discover hidden gems and escape the tourist hotspots with our expertly curated tours.

  7. “Sustainable Tourism”: With our tours, you can enjoy Cambodia’s natural beauty while also supporting sustainable tourism practices.

  8. “Expert Tour Guides”: Our knowledgeable tour guides provide in-depth insights and historical context to your tour.

  9. “Luxury Transportation”: Enjoy a comfortable and safe tour experience with our luxurious transportation options.

  10. “Unforgettable Memories”: Create lasting memories with our exceptional tours, showcasing the best of Cambodia.


“Escape Crowds & Maximize Privacy” – My Cambodia Tours offers a unique and personal experience, as our tours are designed to minimize interaction with other tourist groups and provide a high degree of privacy.


“Support Local Communities” – Our alliance partners exclusively with local tour guides and drivers, ensuring that every penny from our tours goes back to supporting their families and communities.


“Experience the Best of Cambodia” – With My Cambodia Tours, you can expect expertly curated tours to the most iconic temples and natural wonders of Cambodia, as well as a focus on sustainable tourism that supports local communities.

“Experience the Best of Cambodia” – With My Cambodia Tours, you can expect expertly curated tours to the most iconic temples and natural wonders of Cambodia, as well as a focus on sustainable tourism that supports local communities.


“Flexible & Customizable Tours” – My Cambodia Tours offers private tours as well as custom charters for groups or shared group tours, providing the flexibility and customization that our guests need to make their tour truly unforgettable.


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Don’t miss MyCambodiaTours’ best of Cambodia. We offer the best tours, customer service, and sustainable tourism for discriminating guests. Why wait? Book your dream Cambodia adventure today and let us create lifelong memories. Start your exploration with us!


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